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Barr to Testify on Protest Response, Mueller Inquiry and Other Issues

WASHINGTON — Attorney General William P. Barr will travel to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for his first congressional testimony in more than a year, and lawmakers are prepared to press for explanations on the federal response to nationwide protests of police killings of Black Americans and the handling of criminal cases involving President Trump’s allies.



How Local Covid Deaths Are Affecting Vote Choice

The gap between stated voting support for Mr. Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. grows by about 2.5 percentage points in Mr. Biden’s favor when a county has extremely high levels of coronavirus-related deaths relative to when it has low levels. These changes may come within counties as the number of virus-related deaths change, or across counties at any given point in time. For example, Covid-19 fatalities exploded in Wayne County in Michigan in April, suggesting a 1.25-point expansion of the gap between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden.



Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Prepare for Their ‘Big Tobacco Moment’

WASHINGTON — After lawmakers collected hundreds of hours of interviews and obtained more than 1.3 million documents about Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, their chief executives will testify before Congress on Wednesday to defend their powerful businesses from the hammer of government.



In Russia’s Far East, a New Face of Resistance to Putin’s Reign

As the protests swell in the city of Khabarovsk, 4,000 miles from Moscow, residents who had never before found a public outlet for anger are becoming activists.



Poland Considers Leaving Treaty on Domestic Violence, Spurring Outcry

The European treaty was intended to protect women from abuse, but it has become a target for populist and nationalist leaders who claim it poses a threat to “traditional families.”



Migrant Workers

As the coronavirus has destroyed paychecks, migrant workers are sending less money home, meaning it’s near-certain that poverty from South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa to Eastern Europe and Latin America will increase. The World Bank estimates that the remittances are likely to plunge by one-fifth this year — the most severe contraction in history.




Coronavirus will spread in 'one big wave' & won't go away as season change - WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has quashed hopes that the coronavirus might simply disappear over the summer. It urged the world to instead brace itself for “one big wave” of infections.



Watch Iran fire missile & overtake mock US aircraft carrier during Strait of Hormuz war games (VIDEO)

Amid Iran-US tensions, Tehran’s troops have practiced overpowering an aircraft carrier – using a mock-up in lieu of the real thing – during a massive exercise. The fake warship was attacked from the air and circled by speedboats.



Ankara may suspend E. Mediterranean energy work pending talks with Athens

Turkey could pause energy-exploration operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea pending talks with Greece, according to presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin.


Troops disengaged on most of disputed China-India border - Beijing

Chinese and Indian troops have “completed disengagement” on most parts of the disputed border between the two countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing said on Tuesday. Tensions soared between the world’s two most populous nations in June, after the deadliest fighting in decades erupted between Indian and Chinese troops on the Himalayan border.



Drawing a hard line: US & Australia open talks to seek common front amid tensions with China

The United States and Australia have opened top-level talks in which they are expected to seek a common front amid tensions between Washington and Beijing. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper welcomed to Washington their Australian counterparts, Marise Payne and Linda Reynolds, for two days of talks.


'Dangerous military escalation': PM Diab accuses Israel of violating Lebanon's sovereignty

Lebanese PM Hassan Diab said on Tuesday that Israel had violated his country's sovereignty with a “dangerous military escalation” along the border on Monday, and called for caution after a rise in tensions.




Global report: Covid-19 still accelerating, warns WHO, as restrictions return in Europe

Fears are growing that more European countries will reintroduce restrictions, as Germany, France and Belgium introduced curfews, social distancing and quarantine measures.

Worldwide, there are 16.4m cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker. Thursday will mark six months since 30 January, when the WHO raised the alarm over the pandemic to the highest level.



US presses Australia to step up naval exercises in South China Sea

Australia’s foreign minister, Marise Payne, and defence minister, Linda Reynolds, are set to meet their US counterparts in Washington DC on Tuesday to discuss extending military cooperation in the South China Sea as well as countering online disinformation.

The meeting occurs against a backdrop of increased tensions, after Australian war ships had an unplanned encounter with China’s navy and Australia declared in a submission to the UN “there is no legal basis” to China’s territorial and maritime claims in the South China Sea.




Lebanon's Hezbollah accuses Israel of fabricating border clash

Beirut, Lebanon - Hezbollah denied its fighters staged an "infiltration attempt" that led to clashes with Israeli forces on Monday calling the Israeli account a move to create "false victories".

The Lebanese armed group also vowed revenge for a Hezbollah member killed in a suspected Israeli air strike in Syria last week saying a response against Israel was "coming for sure".



Rafale: First French fighter jets head to India after purchase

The first five of a batch of French Rafale fighter jets purchased by New Delhi in a controversial multibillion-dollar deal are headed to India for rapid deployment amid rising tensions with China.

The deal, estimated to be worth $9.4bn, has been shadowed by corruption allegations levelled by the opposition Congress party, though Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rejected the claims.



West Africa bloc ECOWAS calls for Mali unity government formation

West African leaders have called for the swift creation of a unity government in Mali and a fresh vote after disputed elections, but warned of sanctions against those opposing efforts to end the country's crisis.

In a statement issued after a video conference on Monday, heads of the 15-nation regional bloc ECOWAS stood by Ibrahim Boubacar Keita but called for a unity government to be "established rapidly" and urged the opposition to join it.



US government sending up to 150 more agents to Portland: Reports

The mayors of six United States cities appealed on Monday to Congress to make it illegal for the federal government to deploy militarised federal agents to cities that do not want them, even as the administration of President Donald Trump is considering sending more of them to Portland, Oregon.

"This administration's egregious use of federal force on cities over the objections of local authorities should never happen," the mayors of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, Albuquerque and Washington, DC wrote to leaders of the US House of Representatives and Senate.



Otros Medios

Trump loosens rules on armed drone exports amid rivalry with China (Al-Monitor)

US President Donald Trump has loosened restrictions on Washington’s ability to sell armed drones to foreign governments amid concerns about China’s defense relationships in the Middle East.

The United States has now formally changed its interpretation of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), a 35-nation agreement aimed at limiting the proliferation of rocket-based weapons such as ballistic and cruise missiles as well as armed drones. 



Israel army says repelled 'terrorist' attack on northern border

Israel said it had repelled an attempt by "terrorists" to penetrate its territory on Monday, opening fire on the gunmen just after they crossed the frontier with Lebanon.

It said a group of three to five men armed with rifles crossed the Blue Line that divides the country in the disputed Mount Dov area, claimed by Lebanon, Syria and Israel as their own.



Israel shells south Lebanon after alleged Hezbollah attack (Middle East Eye)

Israeli shells rained down on south Lebanon on Monday after Israel said it repelled an attempt by Hezbollah to "infiltrate" a disputed border area.

The Israeli military said on Monday that it thwarted an "infiltration attempt" in the Shebaa Farms region that led to an armed clash with Hezbollah but no casualties.



How the wars in Libya and Syria are strangely intertwined (Middle East Eye)

When Egypt recently threatened to intervene in Libya’s war, Cairo received the wholehearted support of Damascus. 

That the embattled Syrian regime, itself still fighting a gruelling civil conflict that has drawn in a myriad of foreign intervention, would so enthusiastically back similar interference elsewhere might seem odd. But it serves a wider purpose for Assad, ingratiating him to Egypt and its allies. 

It also fits a pattern that has been present since the beginning of both the Syrian and Libyan civil wars in 2011. Though the two conflicts have taken different paths, the Libya war has frequently impacted events in Syria, with reverberations felt in unexpected ways on the other side of the Mediterranean. 



'Isolated incidents': The legal absurdity of UK arms sales for Saudi war in Yemen (Middle East Eye)

The UK government’s announcement of the resumption of arms export licensing to Saudi Arabia and its allies may well prove to be the nail in the coffin for thousands more Yemenis, as the war in their country extends into its sixth year.

Declaring that potential breaches of international humanitarian law by the Saudi-led coalition amounted only to "isolated incidents", Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss announced herself to be satisfied that Saudi Arabia has a "genuine intent and capacity" to comply with international law and that there is therefore no clear risk of the misuse of weapons.




Anti-separatism a challenge to governments worldwide

Radio France Internationale (RFI) Chinese edition reported on Sunday that France will unveil an anti-separatist legislation as early as September.

France is one of the victims of religious extremist forces and has become a target for extremists' attacks in recent years, including the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in January 2015.

Separatism is a puzzle which concerns not only France, but many other Western countries, including the UK, Spain and Canada.

Some netizens doubt that France might have learned something from China's governance in Xinjiang, especially the Chinese way of de-extremism, and is now trying to apply similar and stricter methods.



Arctic mining should be spared in China-Canada tensions

A Chinese company's acquisition of a gold mine in the Canadian Arctic is facing backlash in Canada over China's growing presence in the region. Canadian opposition parties have called on the Trudeau government to stop Shandong Gold Mining Co from buying TMAC Resources Inc, so as to "slow China's growing control over strategic minerals," according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal.


At a time when China-Canada relations are strained over the illicit arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, raising unnecessary alarm over the so-called threat to Arctic sovereignty may only complicate bilateral tensions by introducing a new geopolitical fight.

Any minor move in the Arctic could trigger a high alert and significant pressure from global powers.



US-listed Chinese companies to accelerate homecoming

Whether or not US-listed Chinese companies should return to Chinese stock markets now seems to be an issue of concern as the bilateral tensions elevate, and risks keep accumulating in the US financial system. A homecoming trend led by Chinese tech giants is set to accelerate.

US Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a China hawk, last week urged the Trump administration to pursue tougher rules for Chinese companies listed in the US. Earlier this month the senator was reportedly preparing a bill to ban Chinese companies from listing in the US, and some rightist media outlets are talking about ousting Chinese companies and even launching a financial war.

Such blunt actions are intended to fuel anti-China sentiment in America which will help Trump's reelection bid.

as the US may tighten its listing rules to restrict Chinese firms, Chinese capital markets are maturing and becoming more inclusive to welcome more of its companies back home.



NZ should not be hijacked by Five Eyes, observers warn after Wellington suspends extradition treaty with HK

New Zealand on Tuesday announced the suspension of its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, the fourth country to do so in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, but Chinese analysts warned on Tuesday Wellington not to play petty tricks, hoping to show loyalty to the anti-China coalition without damaging bilateral ties with Beijing.

A similar policy could be imposed against New Zealand via the principles of reciprocity, analysts said, noting that China gave New Zealand some time to reconsider its stance over Hong Kong-related affairs but like the Foreign Ministry said,




Donbass : à peine décrété, le cessez-le-feu violé

Un accord conclu le 22 juillet entre l’Ukraine et la Russie prévoyait la fin des combats le 27.

Claire Gatinois

Il n’a fallu qu’une vingtaine de minutes pour que le fragile cessez-le-feu soit violé. L’attaque, vue du côté ukrainien comme une provocation, qualifiée par la partie adverse de mensonge, a été détaillée dans la matinée du lundi 27 juillet par le commandant Volodymyr Kravchenko. « Malheureusement, aujourd’hui à 00 h 20 et 00 h 45, l’ennemi a tiré sur une unité de la 36e brigade avec des armes légères et des mitrailleuses. Aucun blessé n’a été recensé parmi les troupes ukrainiennes. Nos unités n’ont pas répondu à l’attaque », a expliqué le militaire ukrainien, cité par le site d’information Ukrinform. A 9 heures, trois nouvelles agressions ont été recensées contre la 79e brigade ukrainienne avec des grenades antichars.



La BCE demande aux banques de ne pas verser de dividendes jusqu’en janvier 2021

Cette recommandation vise à « préserver la capacité des banques d’absorber des pertes » et à affronter la crise sanitaire.

Concernant les banques, pour garantir leur capacité à soutenir l’économie en prêtant, l’institution basée à Francfort a également allégé temporairement les exigences de capitaux propres et les mesures concernant les prêts à risques.



L’armée indienne prend possession de ses premiers Rafale

Cinq appareils de Dassault Aviation arriveront, mercredi 29 juillet, sur la base d’Ambala, dans le nord de l’Inde. Au total, 36 avions seront livrés d’ici à la fin 2021.

Guilleme Delacroix

Selon les experts indiens du secteur de la défense, il était temps que l’Inde renforce ses capacités aériennes. Son armée dispose actuellement d’une trentaine d’escadrons alors qu’il lui en faudrait 42 pour pouvoir, dans le pire des scénarios géopolitiques, mener une guerre simultanée contre ses deux principaux ennemis, le Pakistan et la Chine. Islamabad possède des Falcon F-16 américains et des Thunder JF-17 de conception chinoise, tandis que Pékin aurait à sa disposition pas moins de 600 avions de combat de dernière génération.



« El Mencho », le nouveau « narco » mexicain

« Vies de caïds » (2/6). « Le Monde » retrace le destin de six personnages considérés par la justice de leur pays comme des chefs d’organisations criminelles. Deuxième volet : le narcotrafiquant Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, dont la tête est mise à prix 10 millions de dollars par les Etats-Unis.

Frédéric Saliba

En mars, sa tête a été mise à prix pour 10 millions de dollars (9 millions d’euros) par la DEA, un record pour un narcotrafiquant mexicain. Dans la foulée, l’agence annonçait avoir arrêté près de 700 membres du CJNG lors de la plus grosse opération antidrogue jamais menée sur le sol américain. Un coup de filet à la hauteur de la mainmise de ce cartel sur le marché des méthamphétamines et autres drogues de synthèse. En tête, un opioïde cinquante fois plus puissant que l’héroïne : le fentanyl, qui fait des ravages aux Etats-Unis (plus de 31 000 morts par overdose en 2018) et offre aux trafiquants des marges bien supérieures à celles de la cocaïne.




China suspends Hong Kong treaties with UK, Canada, Australia

The territory's extradition treaties with Canada, Australia and the UK have been halted by China. The three countries suspended their treaties with Hong Kong after Beijing introduced a controversial new security law.

Hong Kong's government will suspend agreements on mutual assistance for criminal matters, including extradition, with Britain, Canada and Australia, China's foreign ministry said on Tuesday.



Peligro de desnutrición grave para 6,7 millones de niños por la pandemia, según Unicef

La agencia de la ONU para la infancia, citando un análisis publicado en paralelo en la revista The Lancet, apuntó el lunes (28.07.2020) que el 80 % de esos niños viven en el África subsahariana y el sur de Asia



Kim defiende la disuación nuclear como garantía de su seguridad

El líder norcoreano, Kim Jong-un, defendió este martes (28.07.2020) la capacidad de disuasión nuclear de su régimen como elemento para garantizar la seguridad del hermético país, según informaron medios estatales.

"Gracias a nuestra disuasión militar de autodefensa fiable y efectiva, ya no habrá guerra en esta tierra y nuestro futuro y seguridad nacional futuro estarán garantizados firme y permanentemente", dijo Kim, según recoge la agencia estatal de noticias KCNA.



Donald Trump defiende la Casa Blanca con tácticas de guerra

La popularidad de Donald Trump está en caída libre, pero, a diferencia de varios antecesores, de cara a las presidenciales, Trump no les declara la guerra a otros países, sino a su propio pueblo, opina Ines Pohl.

Ni siquiera el lema "China tiene la culpa de todo" bastará para juntar suficientes votos para que Trump gane las elecciones

Aplica la misma táctica política que lo llevó a la Casa Blanca en 2016: "Los otros" son una amenaza. "Los otros" tienen la culpa. Y él, el hombre fuerte, defenderá a sus adeptos de "los otros".

las imágenes de Portland sugieren escenarios parecidos a la guerra.



Unidos contra el COVID-19: "No vamos a acabar con la pandemia, si no termina en todos los lugares del mundo"

La cooperación internacional es imprescindible para combatir el COVID-19. Pero especialistas lamentan falta de coordinación y también la prevalencia de intereses nacionales.




Companies Flee Argentina, and Coronavirus Is Just One Reason 

Capital controls and confrontational unions trigger an exodus.

Argentina faces a mounting exodus of multinationals that have concluded that doing business in Latin America’s third-largest economy is just too complicated and unprofitable, even disregarding the coronavirus pandemic



FAANG-Like Valuation for Reliance Misplaced, Edelweiss Says



Europe’s Coal Heartland Starts Talks on Phasing Out the Fuel



Facebook Wins Temporary Halt to EU Antitrust Data Demands



Did Big Tech Get Too Big? U.S. Crackdown Seeks Answer



World Economy’s Sputtering Recovery Threatened by Flaring Virus




Facebook Seeks to Reel In TikTok Creators, Raising Stakes in Social-Media Rivalry

Instagram makes lucrative offers to TikTok creators to join its competing service



Pfizer Sales Fall as Company Races Toward Covid-19 Vaccine

Decline reflects increased competition in generic-drug business



Nike Replaces Its Diversity Chief

Sneaker giant names Felicia Mayo, a former Tesla diversity chief, to succeed Kellie Leonard



Nissan Expects Second Straight Annual Loss of More Than $6 Billion

Japanese auto maker says global sales fell by 51% compared with a year earlier


Google to Keep Employees Home Until Summer 2021 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Search-engine giant pushes back return to normalcy

U.S., Russia Hold Talks on Space Security


Two space powers are at odds over goals, with U.S. seeking voluntary norms, Russia aiming for a treaty



Data-Driven Website Aims to Help Global Agencies Make Decisions on Coronavirus Pandemic

Too much data but no reliable filter, a group says, promising actionable information on contact-tracing, the economic havoc caused by the virus, and more



Coronavirus Corruption Draws Public’s Ire in Latin America

Government officials are accused of exploiting the pandemic to award contracts to campaign donors and steal from public funds




Profesionales de la salud denuncian a Jair Bolsonaro por genocidio ante La Haya

Una coalición de más de 60 sindicatos y movimientos sociales —la mayoría de profesionales de la salud, liderados por la Red Sindical UniSaúde— ha pedido ante la Corte Penal Internacional que el presidente de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, sea condenado por genocidio. En la denuncia, presentada el domingo en La Haya, se argumenta que Bolsonaro ha cometido un crimen de lesa humanidad, tanto por alentar acciones que aumentaron el riesgo de proliferación de la covid-19 como por negarse a implementar políticas de protección para las minorías. Un documento de 64 páginas, que representa a más de un millón de profesionales de la salud, señala “fallos graves y mortales” en la respuesta brasileña a la crisis sanitaria.



Noruega estudia si hay condiciones para el diálogo en Venezuela y despierta los recelos de la oposición

Una delegación de diplomáticos enviada por Oslo visitó Caracas el pasado fin de semana para conocer de primera mano la situación del país, la gestión de la emergencia sanitaria del coronavirus y el horizonte político. El viaje en sí no tenía el propósito de abordar una negociación entre las partes, sino más bien estudiar si existen las condiciones necesarias para dar un paso más. Sin embargo, la mera presencia de los representantes noruegos despertó los recelos del equipo de Juan Guaidó, que rechazó de plano el escenario de un acercamiento.




Nuevas ilegalidades de Bolsonaro

En medio del torbellino que vive Brasil – al mediodía se supo que el número de infectados por la covid-19 superó los dos millones 400 mil, y el de víctimas fatales se acercó a 90 mil –, surgieron nuevas y graves denuncias contra el ultraderechista Jair Bolsonaro.

La más contundente fue la presentación, en el Tribunal Penal Internacional de La Haya, de un documento que acusa a Bolsonaro de haber cometido “crimen contra la humanidad y genocidio”. Presentada en la noche del domingo, la denuncia trae un peso extra: viene firmada por un millón de trabajadores en el sector de Salud, de enfermeros a médicos. Aunque el Tribunal de La Haya tarde meses en decidir si acepta juzgar denuncias recibidas, la repercusión ha sido muy fuerte y podrá traer consecuencias.



El asesor de Seguridad Nacional de Estados Unidos se contagió de coronavirus  

Robert O'Brien, asesor de Seguridad Nacional del presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, dio positivo por coronavirus aunque su vida no corre peligro. Hasta el momento, se trata del funcionario de más alto rango del gobierno nacional en contagiarse. Se desconoce el momento en que fue infectado quien sustituye en el cargo a John Bolton, despedido por Trump luego de afirmar que el mandatario retenía ayuda militar para presionar a Ucrania. Para la Casa Blanca, el presidente no corre riesgo de contagio.




Cuba dice que las críticas a sus médicos 'son falacias infantiles'

La aseveración del Gobierno cubano fue hecha a través de la cuenta de Twitter de su embajada en Colombia en medio de la controversia por una petición del alcalde de Medellín, Daniel Quintero, para que profesionales de la medicina lleguen al país en caso de ser necesario para ayudar a atender la pandemia.




La crisis sanitaria ha dejado sin fuente de trabajo a 10.6 millones de personas: Coneval

Entre abril y mayo, 10.6 millones de personas se sumaron al desempleo. De ellas, 6.5 millones tenían empleo formal, mientras 4.1 millones corresponden a quienes se desempeñaban por su cuenta, indicó el Consejo Nacional de Evaluación de la Política de Desarrollo Social (Coneval), al presentar información sobre pobreza laboral.



Minera canadiense contaminó capa freática en Magdalena Ocotlán, Oaxaca

Oaxaca. Integrantes del Frente No a la Minería por un Futuro de Todas y Todos denunciaron que la minera Cuzcatlán, operada por la empresa canadiense Fortuna Silver, ha contaminado la capa frieática del municipio de Magdalena Ocotlán.



Procesan a ex ministro de Transporte argentino por presunta corrupción

Buenos Aires. El juez Federal Rodolfo Canicoba Corral procesó sin prisión preventiva y embargó por 500 millones de pesos al ex ministro de Transporte del pasado gobierno de Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) por presunta “administración fraudulenta”, mientras que en esta misma causa por corrupción se negó a declarar el ex titular de Hacienda Nicolás Dujovn.



Con motines, exigen atención médica en cárceles de Bolivia

La Paz. Las cuatro cárceles más pobladas del departamento de Cochabamba, en el centro de Bolivia, fueron escenario de motines sincronizados en demanda de atención médica luego de la muerte de un presidiario que podría haber tenido Covid-19, informó el lunes la Defensoría del Pueblo.


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