Preparing for Tomorrow’s Fight: Joint Concepts and Future Readiness


Se identifica un futuro al que las fuerzas armadas estadounidenses tienen que adaptarse y transformarse con la elaboración de nuevos conceptos (Joint Concepts) y estrategias.


Loiselle, Adrew J. 2018 “Preparing for Tomorrow’s Fight: Joint Concepts and Future Readiness”, Joint Force Quarterly 89 (abril) (Washington: National Defense University Press) pp. 118-120.

Se propone que se tienen que elaborar nuevos conceptos (Joint Concepts) que hagan frente a los desafíos militares del futuro. Esto implica una modernización de la fuerza militar estadounidense. La elaboración de nuevos conceptos implica la participación de la industria, academia, think thanks, instituciones y socios internacionales.

El Joint Concept es meramente especulativo, pero prevé posibles soluciones y métodos operativos a problemas futuros a los que se tengan que enfrentar los militares. Además:

“The joint concept is the centerpiece of a proactive approach to achieving future joint force readiness. It postulates a viable hypothesis for testing and ultimately leads to changes in doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy (dotmlpf-p). A joint concept provides a unifying vision for how the joint force will solve an anticipated problem. It guides force development efforts across the entire community by providing a focus on nested Service-centric or domain-based concepts. The concept is not doctrine, nor does it guarantee success. It does, however, exercise the war-winning ability to adapt and ideally improves the joint force’s future readiness by getting it mostly right, thereby reducing the amount of adaptation that will inevitably occur once the truths become apparent.” (Loiselle, 2018: 119).

Palabras clave: Joint Concept, Joint Force.

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