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Pompeo Calls Obama’s Mideast Policy Misguided

CAIRO — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scathingly repudiated President Barack Obama’s approach to the Middle East on Thursday, using a speech in Cairo to reject what he called the previous administration’s timidity toward Islamic extremism and misguided outreach to Iran.

A decade after Mr. Obama delivered a landmark speech, also in Cairo, that offered an olive branch to Iran and urged autocrats to permit greater free                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    doms, Mr. Pompeo offered his own reset, based on unquestioned American leadership and an alliance of Arab authoritarians to counter Iran.

The United States will use those alliances “to expel every last Iranian boot” from Syria, he said.

Mr. Pompeo’s assertion of American purpose in the Middle East comes at a moment when Washington’s will to lead has been widely questioned.


Venezuela Is in Crisis. So How Did Maduro Secure a Second Term?

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela is set to be inaugurated on Thursday for the second time, extending his term in office to 2025, after winning an election last year that had been rejected by nations across the region as illegitimate.

He and his predecessor, Hugo Chávez, presided over the free-fall of what was once Latin America’s wealthiest nation. The country’s economy continues to unravel at an alarming rate.

Violence and hunger have become emblematic of the years since he first took office, inflation has skyrocketed, and the migration of Venezuelans out of the country has reached unprecedented levels.

But even as his country is grappling with a humanitarian crisis driven by this collapse, Mr. Maduro has clung to power.


Congo Says Felix Tshisekedi Won Election, Rebuffing Independent Review

Congolese election officials, rejecting independent assessments that a prominent opposition figure was the runaway winner of the recent presidential election, on Thursday bestowed victory on a candidate considered more acceptable to the departing President Joseph Kabila.

The decision dashed hopes that the Democratic Republic of Congo might experience its first undisputed transfer of power by the ballot box since independence six decades ago. And it was unclear how it would sit with the population.

Still, however malleable the declared winner, Felix Tshisekedi, may seem to Mr. Kabila, he was not his first choice. Mr. Kabila had backed a top aide to succeed him.

The election commission’s early-morning announcement amounted to a startling official admission that Mr. Kabila’s candidate had suffered a defeat so big that his government — in power for 18 years — could not simply hand him the presidency without risking widespread violence and international condemnation.


Guatemala’s Bold Experiment in Fighting Corruption Is Under Attack

MEXICO CITY — Almost a dozen years ago, a panel of international prosecutors backed by the United Nations arrived in Guatemala. Their goal: to team up with the Guatemalan attorney general’s office, strengthen the rule of law and combat the criminal networks that had taken hold after the country emerged from more than three decades of civil war.

It was a bold experiment in outsourcing justice, but given Guatemala’s fragile democracy, its weak institutions and the extent of corruption in the country, the government was prepared to cede sovereignty.

Since the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala began its work in 2007, it has peeled back layers of corruption, helped strengthen the courts and professionalized the attorney general’s office, winning the approval of the Guatemalan people and sending powerful politicians, leaders of organized crime and businessmen to jail.


The U.S. Spent $8 Billion on Afghanistan’s Air Force. It’s Still Struggling.

MOGHKHAIL, Afghanistan — The A-29 attack plane was a white speck in the bright skies over eastern Afghanistan as it launched a dummy bomb that exploded just yards from the target, a wrecked truck. “Spot on!” said an American adviser watching the exercise.

The plane’s Afghan pilot had been guided by an Afghan coordinator on the ground — but only after previous bombing runs had struck well wide of the truck.

Eleven years after the United States began building an air force for Afghanistan at a cost now nearing $8 billion, it remains a frustrating work in progress, with no end in sight. Some aviation experts say the Afghans will rely on American maintenance and other support for years.

Such dependence could complicate President Trump’s moves to extricate the United States from the 17-year-old war against Taliban insurgents — a war in which they lately appear to be gaining ground.



'Getting serious': Kim Jong-un's Beijing detour brings a second Trump summit closer

Kim told Xi that North Korea would “continue sticking to the stance of denuclearisation” and “make efforts for the second summit between the [North Korean] and US leaders to achieve results”, Chinese state media reported.

Kim’s visit to China – a permanent member of the UN security council – is also being seen as part of an effort to win Chinese support for reducing sanctions that were strengthened in response to a string of ballistic missile launches and a nuclear test in 2017.


Turkey says it will launch Syria offensive if US delays pullout

Turkey and the US are at loggerheads over the future of Syrian Kurdish forces after the US president, Donald Trump, made a surprise announcement last month to withdraw 2,000 troops from Syria.

Ahead of Trump’s move, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, threatened to launch another operation in Syria targeting the US-backed Syrian Kurdish militia, which Turkey regards as a terrorist group.


Houthi drone attack on Yemeni base kills several people – reports

The parade was taking place inside a military base in the Anad district when a loud explosion rocked the area, witnesses said, adding high-ranked officials, including Yemen’s deputy chief of staff, were wounded in the attack.

Reporters at scene said the Houthis were targeting the Yemen government’s army chief of staff.


Universal internet access unlikely until at least 2050, experts say

High costs are a major driver of the digital divide. The UN target for affordable internet is 2% of monthly income for one gigabyte of data, an amount deemed to allow basic internet access. Only the wealthiest 20% of South Africans can afford that. For the poorest 60% of South Africans, such basic access costs between 6% and 21% of their monthly earnings. In Mozambique, one of the poorest nations in the world, the internet is unaffordable for almost everyone.



Pompeo asegura que EE. UU. ha acabado con el 99 % del "califato" en Siria

"Es posible retirar las fuerzas estadounidenses de Siria y seguir con nuestra campaña aplastante" contra los yihadistas, respondió el jefe de la diplomacia estadounidense a preguntas de los periodistas.

El secretario de Estado estadounidense, Mike Pompeo, aseguró este jueves (10.01.2019) en El Cairo que la campaña militar de EE. UU. en Siria ha acabado con el 99 % del llamado "califato", que el grupo terrorista Estado Islámico (EI) estableció en 2014 en los territorios que controlaba en este país y en Irak.



Rusia completa las pruebas del nuevo sistema de acoplamiento de naves espaciales a la EEI

MOSCU, 9 ene (Xinhua) -- La compañía rusa Space Systems dijo hoy que se han completado la producción y las pruebas en tierra del Kurs-MKP, un nuevo sistema de acoplamiento para las naves espaciales rusas a la Estación Espacial Internacional (EEI).

El sistema Kurs-MKP consta de módulos independientes, por lo que la operación ininterrumpida del sistema se puede garantizar tanto en secciones presurizadas de una estación orbital como en condiciones de posible despresurización, según la compañía.


Pompeo indica que EEUU permanecerá como socio en lucha contra terrorismo en Medio Oriente

EL CAIRO, 10 ene (Xinhua) -- El secretario de Estado de Estados Unidos, Mike Pompeo, dijo aquí el jueves que su país permanecerá como un inquebrantable socio en lucha contra terrorismo en Medio Oriente.

"Continuaremos como un socio estable de Medio Oriente en la eliminación del terrorismo", dijo Pompeo en una conferencia de prensa conjunta con el ministro egipcio de Exteriores, Sameh Shokri.



Houthi drone targets senior Yemeni officers, kills five soldiers

Attack on southern al-Anad military base injures 20 military personnel, including the Yemeni army's chief of staff.

Mohammed al-Kibsi

Thursday's attack on a military parade at the al-Anad military base wounded at least 20 military personnel, the official said, including Mohammad Saleh Tamah, the head of Yemen's Intelligence Service, Mohammad Jawas, a senior military commander and Ahmed al-Turki, the governor of Lahij province.

He added that drone carried between 70 and 100 kilogrammes of explosives, and was detonated while flying over the main stage of the military parade after an "accurate surveillance of the enemy commanders' movements".


Turkey says will launch Syria attack if US delays troop pullout

Turkey and US remain at loggerheads over the future of Syrian Kurdish forces after Trump's decision to pull out troops.

Trump's decision to withdraw troops was initially expected to be carried out swiftly, but the timetable became vague in the weeks following his announcement.

France, Britain and local armed groups have also warned that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) had not been totally defeated yet.

Ankara has rejected US demands for assurances that it will not attack its Kurdish allies in Syria before the US troops withdraw from the war-torn region.


France, Belgium cast doubt on DR Congo election result

France's foreign minister says surprise victory of opposition chief Felix Tshisekedi 'not consistent' with results.

The provisional results were announced earlier on Thursday, putting Tshisekedi on course to take over as president, replacing President Joseph Kabila who ruled the nation for nearly 18 years.

Barnabe Kikaya Bin Karubi, one of Kabila's top advisers, accepted the loss of the ruling party's preferred candidate.



Líderes latinoamerianos y del Caribe asisten en Venezuela a juramentación de Nicolás Maduro

Nicolás Maduro fue reelegido como presidente de Venezuela el 20 de mayo de 2018 por la mayoría de la población, con más de cinco millones 823 mil 700 votos, el 67,7 por ciento de respaldo popular, en una jornada que marcó un 47,02 por ciento de participación.

El gobernante sudamericano asumirá su segundo periodo constitucional para la etapa 2019-2015.


Sanciones de la UE contra Irán evidencian deshonestidad en lucha antiterrorista

La Unión Europea (UE) impuso nuevas sanciones al servicio de inteligencia de Irán y a dos individuos tras las recientes acusaciones antiraníes de Dinamarca respecto al hecho de haber “planeado cometer un asesinato en territorio danés”, y de otra alegación similar por parte de Francia.


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