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Síntesis informativa - 30 junio 2022


Latest Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Updates

MADRID — NATO has continued to emphasize member nations’ unity against Russia. But as the alliance concludes its annual summit meeting on Thursday — in the same week that the Group of 7 industrialized nations held their own gathering in Germany — there is an abiding question about how Western leaders can keep their publics committed to backing Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

Síntesis informativa - 29 de junio 2022


Ukraine Updates: Turkey Agrees to Allow Sweden and Finland to Join NATO

MADRID — NATO leaders will formally invite Finland and Sweden to join the alliance on Wednesday after Turkey lifted its veto on their membership, NATO’s secretary-general said Tuesday evening, clearing the way for what would be one of the most significant expansions of the alliance in decades.

Síntesis informativa - 27 de junio 2022


Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Updates

Straining to keep pressure on President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia while curbing the economic damage from his invasion of Ukraine, the United States and its Western allies were nearing an agreement on Monday to adopt price caps on Russian oil that would limit the fossil fuel revenues that Moscow is depending on to finance its grinding, four-month-old war.