Síntesis informativa - 15 de noviembre 2019


Turkey deports suspected German and British ISIL members

Turkey begins to deport ISIL suspects, as western countries deliberate what to do with them and their families.

NATO allies of Turkey in Europe have been worried that Turkey's offensive last month into a Syrian border area could lead to ISIL suspects and their families escaping from prisons and camps run by Kurdish forces. Ankara has dismissed the concerns.

Síntesis informativa - 14 de noviembre 2019


ISIS Suspect Trapped at Turkish-Greek Border Is to Be Deported to U.S.

ISTANBUL — Turkey announced on Thursday that it would repatriate an American suspected of being a member of the Islamic State, after a commitment from the United States that his entry would not be blocked.

The American, Muhammad Darwish Bassam, 39, had been stranded on a strip of land at the Turkish-Greek border for the past four days after Turkey had tried to deport him to Greece, but Greek officials refused him entry.